Wednesday, February 14, 2007

For all those that don't know anything about open source software, do take the time
to broaden your computing experience. There are so many advantages to open source, many of which can be summed up with the fact that you can take back control of the computer that you own.

What I mean by tacking back control is that you can do with it as you please with out fear of prosecution from large proprietary software makers like Microsoft. I have been free of the restrictions placed upon me by this monster for over a year now.

Many of you may be thinking what other alternative do I have short of a rather large investment in a Macintosh box. Well I am here to tell you that there is another choice and it's totally cost free. Free in meaning that you won't be required to invest money to be able to use it.

You will however have to invest time, and the efforts required to learn something new. Will it be easy? No, not always, and there will be times you will want to give up. If you have the determination to stick it out and suffer the learning curve then try Linux.

There are so many choices in which version of Linux to use, that you will be dumbfounded. After much searching around I found the distro that was made for me. It is PCLinuxOS, a Mandrake based os that has a small user base of about 5,500 users. The community surounding it is the most friendly and helpful I have found anywhere. Come pay us a visit here and see if you can find the new home for your computer.

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