Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Saved at the buzzer, but.......

Of course there was a stipulation on the agreement. That is that webcasters must work to ensure that stream-ripping is not feasible. I know that sounds like crazy talk, but it's true! That is what this whole mess was about in the first place.

Ripping streams is very easy, and there are several programs that do so such as streamtuner/streamripper(gnome apps), kstreamripper/amarok(kde apps) , stationripper (windows), and radiolover (mac).

Remember I said crazy talk, well this is why. Many of you have a dvr like tivo. Well recording internet streams is pretty much the same principle. The software records what you hear playing through your speakers. This is NOT illegal! The way you can record tv for your own private use later, applies to music streams as well.

How do you think the public would react if tomorrow, you set your tivo or other dvr to record your favorite shows, and you weren't allowed to? There would be a such a public outcry that it would be written in the history books for future generations.

I think those greedy fat swine at the RIAA, are getting way to bold in their tactics. They couldn't change the laws on streams to make it illegal "protect the artists rights", and ensure they are making money off you every time you listen to their music, so they come up with this.

DRM is failing everywhere, I just read yesterday that someone has cracked the Zune MS's mp3 player,and have written a program that strips the DRM from the media on the device, making it yours again. Hell you bought it, and you should own it, right?

My hats are off to the RIAA thou, thanks guys I knew you would find another way to screw the consumer once again. Fact is no matter what you do, it won't stop people from defending their rights. Every time you introduce another technology to limit our ability to enjoy the product we bought from you, it will be circumvented. Live with it!

Just a little point, if the streams I rip in the future are cross faded, which is the only way I see to feasibly prevent a rip don't worry. I already have software that will separate the tracks, and with a few commands I can easily a tag my entire collection.

So what you did was just piss off your customers again. Congrats! You may prevent a few less tech savvy people from ripping streams, at least until a point and click solution is available, but the people who who run large scale piracy operations you can't touch anyway.

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