Monday, August 6, 2007

Sound Exchange caught lobbying

A federal appeals court recently rejected a plea from webcasters to postpone the deadline for a new royalty scheme that sets the stage for SoundExchange to begin levying billions of dollars from internet radio stations in the coming decades. It already collects a tidy sum from satellite radio and now it has set its sights on U.S. terrestrial radio stations, which currently pay no broadcast performance royalties. If it wins there, its power could grow exponentially.

You can read the article in entirity here

This is really bad news to know a company thats supposed to be a third party without any interest in the internet stream royality rates other than getting paid for collecting. It interesting to find out they are freaking lobbist as well.

I am to the point in my life that I think "the gov" is so far corrupt because of how powerful few large cooperations are. They become even more so when they get together and form a "gang"

Every time I think I am out (of this topic) they pull me back in....

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